Hold My Hand

It has only been a few days a handful at most since we were together beyond my tears and sniffles I saw you sit, cross-legged and serene on the side porch and followed suit Chief Calmer-Downer. King Serene. Sir Slow and Low You show up every time I have something to learn through study or …


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permission revoked

It took two days, two hundred miles and two thousand tears for me to realize that it wasn’t you it wasn’t even me but that last guy that buried these bones it took eight months of teasing out the fears of probing the dark places to find where it hurts Continue reading permission revoked


I may need a little space to breathe as much as I need you to have my back I need a little wiggle room except when I long to be entwined with you my own primary partner and also the one you turn to amore mio, amico mio Continue reading Breathe

Middle Distance

Life is short and time is wasting and he gets it come with me, won’t you as we savor what the world has to offer let’s sift through a dozen oysters and find our pearl together soak away our days together set the world on fire apart and return, smoldering, together Continue reading Middle Distance


to say it aloud, would silence it, no? the way I say “I love you” is with motion to wrap it up so neatly would cause you to have to address it, to respond, to react when all I want is to know It will have been put before us when instead, I am constanly … Continue reading Aloud

Big Mad Feels

“Better you sad, than me mad” Stamped it out in text, he did Believed it. Meant it. Owned it. Defended it. I’m Distraught, but at least You’re not mad I’m Discouraged, as long as you’re not mad I’m Downhearted but , it’s okay if You’re not mad No mad man feels Little girl feels sad Continue reading Big Mad Feels